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SprayStrong powered by Aegis

(Provides properties of improved hydrophobicity in concrete)



Transforming Concrete: Elevating Hydrophobicity and Defying Water Penetration with TCI SprayStrong powered by AEGIS®. Its hydrocarbon-rich composition not only repels water but also curtails acid attack by minimizing aqueous exposure, enhancing concrete resilience against chemical assaults.

  • TCI SprayStrong powered by AEGIS® enhances hydrophobicity, resists water.

  • Long hydrocarbon tail repels water effectively.

  • Less water reduces vulnerability to acid.

  • Increased resistance to aqueous chemical attacks.


  • Water-thinnable, solventless for versatile application.

  • Prime alkaline surfaces, top-tier water repellence.

  • Ideal water-resisting admixture for concrete products.


Characterized by:

  • Deep penetration

  • Water-dilutable, solvent-free

  • Low volatility

  • Alkali-resistant

  • Stable storage, even when diluted

Treated concrete undergoes a transformative enhancement, acquiring enduring attributes that redefine its durability and longevity. Notably, SILRES® BS 17040 US instigates a dramatic reduction in chloride and water absorption, ensuring the concrete remains resilient against external stresses such as freeze-thaw cycles and de-icing salts. This treatment showcases its effectiveness by maintaining breathability, vital for the material's overall health.


Permanent Properties:

  • Significant reduction in chloride and water absorption.

  • Uncompromised breathability for lasting structural health.

  • Enhanced durability against freeze-thaw and de-icing salt stress.

  • Sustained improvement in overall durability.

  • Facilitates excellent adhesion for paints.


Notablythe Silnes engages with atmospheric moisture and water within the material's pores, generating a substance that reduces absorbency without compromising the permeability of pores or capillaries. The treated material retains exceptional water-vapor permeability, emphasizing the balance between durability and breathability.

Untreated vs. treated cement with spraystrong by aegis
spray strong by aegis boosted hydrophocity

TCI SprayStrong powered by Aegis, delivers substantial performance enhancement against acid corrosion, as indicated by model predictions. Projections reveal that treated samples will resist reaching a 50% mass loss in the acid test for well over two years. This represents an impressive longevity, exceeding 8.5 times the duration compared to untreated samples.

Optimal mix, design, and the incorporation of TCI SprayStrong powered by Aegis can amplify stage 1 benefits twofold, triple the longevity of stage two, and extend the acid corrosion stage by over 8 times. This results in an impressive engineering life of over 90 years for the treated manhole example.

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