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Brant Street Infrastructure Renewal ~ Halton Region

Contractor:  Bennett Construction Group

Witness the power of TCI Carbon Fibre as it revolutionizes the realm of structural reinforcement. In a project focused on failing concrete columns, the team employed the remarkable External Wrap of TCI Carbon Strong CFRP 850 system. By utilizing carbon fibre reinforcement, these columns were given a new lease on life, bolstering their strength and integrity. This innovative solution showcases TCI Carbon Fibre's commitment to providing cutting-edge technologies that address critical infrastructure challenges, ensuring long-lasting and reliable results.

Hanlan Feeder Main-Dixie Road ~ Region of Peel 

Contractor:  Ground Breakers Contracting Ltd.

Experience the transformative potential of TCI Carbon Fibre as it redefines the landscape of Infrastructure Renewal. In a dedicated effort to address the deteriorating pipe, our team harnessed the exceptional capabilities of the TCI Carbon Strong CFRP 850 External Carbon Fibre Wrap system. Through the application of carbon fibre reinforcement, this pipe underwent a remarkable rejuvenation, this process significantly increased the life expectancy of 50 years or more. This solution underscores TCI Carbon Fibre's unwavering dedication to delivering state-of-the-art technologies aimed at tackling vital infrastructure issues, guaranteeing enduring and trustworthy outcomes.

West Trunk CPL ~ Region of Peel 

Contractor:  Technicore

Imagine a colossal project involving a massive 2400mm pipe spanning an impressive 3 kilometers. TCI Carbon Fibre stepped in with their expertise, utilizing the powerful TCI ShieldStrong 955-PL and TCI ProtecStrong 855-R (Repair) products. Prior to application, thorough prep work involved a robust 5000 PSI pressure wash. The project's objective? To install a brand-new coating liner, ensuring enhanced protection and longevity for the pipe. TCI Carbon Fibre's innovative solutions and dedication to excellence shine through in this monumental endeavor, showcasing their commitment to providing top-quality products for infrastructure projects.

Buffalo Pound Cascade Room ~ City of Regina

Contractor:  Graham

In an impressive undertaking, TCI Carbon Fibre's top-notch products were utilized to tackle a challenging project. The team employed the versatile 855 repair to smooth the eroded concrete tank walls, and then applied the final touch with the NSF 61 approved Shieldstrong 955-PL-B. This remarkable combination ensured not only structural reinforcement but also met the stringent quality standards. The project showcased TCI Carbon Fibre's commitment to providing innovative solutions that enhance durability and maintain regulatory compliance, delivering outstanding results.

Herridge Feeder Main 1500mm ~ Region of Peel

Contractor:  Tarpon

The Largest project of it’s kind in Canada.  The 1500mm Herridge Feedermain, a 6 km long pipe made of Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe (PCCP), showed signs of deterioration after being inactive for 2 years. To avoid major failure, the feedermain was rehabilitated using CFRP renewal systems. Due to its location beneath busy roads and highways, trenchless techniques were used for repair. TCI CarbonStrong SPL structural liner and TCI ProTecStrong SPL protective coating system were applied to renew the feedermain and provide environmental protection. The new termination joint and coating system passed water tightness testing, ensuring no leaks even at the CFRP termination joints. The feedermain, operational since late 2016, is currently functioning well.

Duke of York 1200mm Sanitary Sewer Pipe ~ Region of Peel

Contractor:  Technicore

TCI Carbon Fibre's cutting-edge products took center stage in an impressive project involving a 1500mm pipe spanning 1.5 kilometers. Using their high-quality TCI ProtecStrong 855-SPL, the team coated the pipe, effectively extending the life of the concrete. Prior to application, meticulous prep work included a powerful 5000 PSI pressure wash. This innovative project showcased how TCI Carbon Fibre's exceptional products played a crucial role in providing a new coating liner, ensuring enhanced durability and longevity.

York Region Inlet and Outlet Chambers ~ York Region

Contractor:  Clearway

TCI Carbon Fibre's exceptional product, TCI ProtecStrong 855SPL, took the spotlight in a project focused on the floor coatings of the York Region (YDSS) Inlet and Outlet chambers. Prior to application, the team meticulously carried out prep work with a powerful 5000 PSI power wash. This location-specific endeavor demonstrated TCI Carbon Fibre's commitment to delivering high-performance solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of infrastructure projects. With TCI ProtecStrong 855SPL, the chambers received superior protection, ensuring durability and longevity for years to com

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