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Product Description - TCI ProTecStrong 855-SPL -G (GREY):

ProTecStrong 855-SPL is an advanced composite system consisting of thermoset epoxy and milled glass fiber. This product has been specifically developed to serve as a structural protective liner and a non-structural protective coating. Its unique formulation makes it highly suitable for use in potable water and wastewater facilities, providing exceptional protection against sulfuric acid, gases, and other chemicals commonly encountered in wastewater environments.

Key Features:

  • Exceptional bond strength to existing substrates

  • Applicable on both dry and damp/moist surfaces

  • Long-term protection against chemical and harsh environments

  • Easy application with a generous recoat window

  • Demonstrates at least 70% retention of original mechanical properties even after 50 years of chemical exposure

  • A 1.6mm (1/16 inch) thick coating offers long-term protection against chemical attacks

  • Ideal for strengthening, repairing, and protecting various structures

  • Material Data Sheets available upon request for detailed information

  • TCI provides structural engineering support for utilizing the product as a structural fix, patching compound, and addressing concrete cracks, holes, and spalling issues.

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