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ShieldStrong 955–PL–G

Green - for wastewater.

TCI ShieldStrong (955-PL-G) is a chemical-resistant Protective Liner comprised of a thermoset two-component epoxy. The product is specially formulated as a chemical-resistant protective coating system for concrete and[MG1]  steel infrastructures. The coating system is NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 approved for use in potable water applications. The system is also designed to protect concrete, brick, masonry, and steel surfaces against sulfuric acid, gases, and other chemicals usually found in the wastewater headspace.


  • Non-structural protection for new and existing concrete against chemical corrosive environments.

  • Rehabilitation of brick wastewater manholes.

  • Chemical protection of infrastructures for industrial applications.

  • Corrosion protection of metal accessories in water and wastewater facilities.

  • Protection of buried steel pipes.

  • Sealing of surfaces against water and water vapour infiltration.

  • Repair or upgrade inferior materials.

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