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A non-corrosive, non-rusting, extremely fast setting hydraulic cement compound for plugging and stopping active water leaks in concrete structures or masonry surfaces.


TCI Stop Strong 45 is a durable, water-resistant, hydraulic cement that sets in 45 seconds. TCI Stop Strong 45 is designed to stop leaks or running water, patch cracks and fill holes in masonry surfaces. TCI Stop Strong 45 is ideal for filling areas where floor and wall meet, or around pipes extending through masonry walls. TCI Stop Strong 45 can also be used on interior and exterior surfaces.


Slightly undercut the hole to be plugged and enlarge small cracks to permit the embedment of material. Recommended minimum size of the hole or crack is 1 inch. (2cm) wide and deep. Remove all loose dirt or aggregate. Surfaces should be wet before placement.


Mix TCI Stop Strong 45 in a small container by adding product to clean mix water, mixing no more than can be placed at one time. When mixing less than a full unit, always first agitate the pail so that a representative sample is obtained. NOTE: Cold water or material will decrease set time, hot water or material will increase set time


Form the mix in the hand by shaping a ball or wedge shape to the consistency of putty and force into the opening with a gloved hand or trowel. Accelerated hydration will cause the material to feel warm to the touch. The material will reach final set in about 45 seconds so it must be placed immediately. Material may be shaved after initial set to conform to substrate contour.

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